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CleanCraft SuperLite - CleanCraft SuperLite Commercial Vacuum (Only 8lbs!)
Allergy Safe Paper Bags (6ct) - Allergy Suffers can now Vacuum Safely!
CleanCraft SuperLite Belts (3ct) - Extra Belts for your SuperLite

CleanCraft SuperLite 160XL - Light-Weight Commercial Vacuum (Only 8lbs!)

Your Price:  $189.00     Retail:  $299.95

Light-Weight & Powerful:  Only 8lbs & 160cfm !

The Light-Weight Commercial Vacuum Profession's Recommend:
The CleanCraft SuperLite 160XL is the perfect upright for your home or business cleaning needs.  Why settle for a vacuum with mediocre power, when you can have a COMMERCIAL upright for around the same price.  Use the upright vacuum professionals recommend:  CleanCraft SuperLite 160XL.

CleanCraft SuperLite 160XL

At only 8 lbs, the CleanCraft SuperLite makes it easy for anyone to maneuver this vacuum.  No more hassles with carrying your vacuum up and down the stairs.  Also, with 160 cfm using Dual Fan Technology, you will not believe the power of this light-weight vacuum.  Manufactured with the toughest polycarbonate materials and aluminum for long lasting durability, the CleanCraft SuperLite 160XL will outperform vacuums two to three times its price and weight.

Allergy Sufferers Can Now Vacuum Safely:  The CleanCraft SuperLite uses Allergy Safe Paper Bags that actually capture and contain over 99% of all allergens as small as 0.1 Micron!  Combining a standard paper layer with a non-wooven electrostatically charged air filter inner lining provides 10 times greater filtering efficiency than conventional paper bags.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee:  If you are not 100% satisfied with your vacuum for any reason, just return it within 30 days, and recieve a complete refund.

Allergy Safe Paper Bags (6ct) - 10 Times more effective than Regular Paper Bags!

Your Price:  $5.49     Retail:  $8.95

These high filtration paper bags achieve today's recommended air quality standards. Our Allergy Safe bags are designed to provide protection from excessive dust escaping into the air. They also protect against bacterial growth, odors, and other harmful pollutants. Allergy Safe paper bags have 10 times greater filtering efficiency than conventional paper bags. They capture and contain sub-micron size particles that include over 99% of pollens, 98% of selected bacteria, and 95% of all yeast and fungi. This protection is available without limiting air flow, which is essential for vacuuming.

CleanCraft SuperLite 160XL Belts (3ct) - Extra Belts for your vacuum

Your Price:  $2.95     Retail:  $3.95

Extra Belts for your CleanCraft SuperLite 160XL.

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